Developed by two skincare experts, their combined knowledge and experience has been gained over 60 years whilst working with thousands of salons and therapists.  This inspired them to create Katherine Daniels.

Katherine Daniels is a result-driven treatment and retail line,  our active ingredients are from Plant, Marine, Collagen and Biotechnology sources.   Whilst you can expect outstanding results from our truly luxurious salon treatments, we ensure your daily regime is quick, simple and effective.


Better Skin for Life, a beautifully British concept that delivers.  KD products aim to get the skin functioning well… they stimulate vital functions and youth mechanisms.  If your skin is functioning well it will utilise the anti-ageing ingredients in the products.

Skin changes regularly due to factors such as diet, lifestyle, hormones, seasons, age, stress, etc. Our therapists can offer help and advice on the best facial treatments for you.

Katherine Daniels facials range from £40 to £80

Bespoke £46.00
Energising Radiance £58.00
Age Defence Sensitive £63.00
Age Defence Nourishing Hydrating £80.00
Deep Cleansing £58.00
Skin Perfecting Anti-Oxident £70.00
Anti-Aging Deluxe Eye treatment £54.00

Age Defence Resurfacing                               £61.00

Youth Reveal is our ‘Signature’ facial combining CACI, Microdermabrasion and KD products. 1.30 hours at £75.00

Katherine Daniels – products for home use

Your therapist will recommend and prescribe the best products for your skincare routine at home during consultation.

No matter what age you are or what your skin condition, the KD range will provide you with everything you need for beautiful, healthy and vibrant skin.

Stage 1 : Skin Essentials – Cleansers, Toners and Exfoliation (from £25)

Stage 2 : Skin Boost – Concentrates/serums (from £49)

Stage 3 : Skin Defence – Day creams (from £45)

Stage 4 : Skin Treat – Masks (from £33)

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