Resultime by Collin Paris


About Resultime

It’s time for results  – the anti-ageing skincare brand based on Vectorised Micro-Collagen.

Vectorised Micro-Collagen has a double action on cell and tissue metabolism, providing exceptional results on the product of Collagen* and Hyaluronic Acid *

Anti-aging and ultra-technical skincare to offer clear and visible results.

Luxurious in-salon treatments and effective homecare products prescribed for you by experts.

(*in Vitro test)

Resultime Face Treatments

by Collin Paris

Our face treatments care for the needs of every skin type. Skin changes regularly due to factors such as diet, lifestyle, hormones, seasons, age, stress, etc. Our therapists can offer help and advice on the best facial treatments for you.

Resultime facials range from £40.00 to £70.00.

Essential £40.00
Hydrating £50.00
Peeling £52.00
Wrinkle firmers £63.00
Anti-aging Calming £60.00
Radiance £65.00
Lifting Re-sculpting £67.00

Youth Reveal is our ‘Signature’ facial combining CACI, Microdermabrasion and Resultime products. 1.30 hours at £70.00

Resultime – products for home use

Your therapist will recommend and prescribe the best products for your skincare routine at home during consultation.

No matter what age you are or what your skin condition, the Resultime range will provide you with everything you need for beautiful, healthy and vibrant skin.

  • Cleansers and toners
  • Exfoliators and treatment masks
  • Serums and concentrates
  • Day and night treatment creams
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